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Headphones don’t fit in your new iPhone? Hack ‘em!

The iPhone is one of the best thought-out devices ever made, but that doesn’t stop if from having a shortcoming here and there.

One of it’s more obvious flaws is that the metal around the headphone jack is so damn slim that you can’t fit most 3rd party headphones. Sure, the iPhone headphones have a mic built in, but they’re really not that comfortable in even my big ears, and they’re downright painful in Sara’s.

So, I did what any enterprising (read: cheap) geek would do, and hacked a super comfy and great sounding pair of Sony Fontopia headphones to fit. They’re only $30, so the risk here was pretty low, but that doesn’t make this first picture any less scary. Here’s the step by step photos with their captions.

An iPhone, some headphones, and knife. It’s going to get ugly.

The jack is too small for normal headphones

The adaptor itself fits, but the casing is too wide

These little Sony fontopia earbuds are super comfy and deliver great sound, for about $30. Lets make them fit.

The L jack only needs to be trimmed a little.

You can easily cut through the rubber casing trimming off about 1mm

Then whittle down the grey plastic a little

Final product

Perfect fit!

It now sits perfectly flush

And music sounds great!

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